Apostille & Attestation

Apostilles or Attestations of personal and educational documents are required when a student travels abroad for study purpose. In accordance with the country a student is traveling to, either an Apostille or an Attestation must be obtained. Apostille or Attestation process is done by MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). It confirms that documents are checked, valid, and can be submitted to an overseas university.

Apostille Services

Documents apostille is required in all member countries of the Hague Convention.  The Ministry of External Affairs does not accept documents directly from applicants or individuals. Documents for apostille must be submitted only through outsourced agencies to MEA in India. We will assist students who need apostille services in India to study abroad.

Attestation Services

Documents attestation is required when traveling outside of the Hague Convention countries. Students who travel abroad to study may also need to have their documents attested by a notary, the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and the respective Indian embassy. We offer attestation services for students in India who wish to study abroad.

Documents Translation

Document translation is required when a student applies to study at universities abroad. In order to study abroad, students must translate their documents into the native language of the country in which student is travelling for studies.

To ensure students who are applying for an MBBS course fulfil all of the requirements, documents such as passports and marks sheets must be translated into the native language. Student passport details need to be translated into the language he/she will be travelling to in order to verify his/her initials and other identity-related documents such as address and place of birth.

We provide document translation service to students who travelling abroad for studies.

Visa Service

In the admission process, students must fill out a visa application and get it stamped at a foreign embassy (country they’re traveling to) in India. In order to study abroad, students need a study visa. The visa allows students to study in a non-native country for the entire duration of their course.

MBBS students who wish to study abroad can get visa assistance from us. We assist students in obtaining their study visas as quickly as possible.  In the admission process, visa stamping is the most critical step. A student must complete this process before departing from India to enter a non-native country. If any objection is raised by the embassy or any discrepancy is found in the submitted documents, the entire visa process needs to be redone.

Some countries require only the proper documentation, which is outlined by them. Others require students to undergo a personal interview in the embassy before receiving a student visa. Countries which grant visas without interview may call students for an interview in some exceptional cases.

We assist students in getting visas for Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. We prepare the documents in the required format by the respective country’s embassy, double check them, and then summit them at the embassy.   Once the visa is stamped in the passport, we collect it from the embassy and hand it over to the students when they depart from Delhi.

Travel & Forex

Flight Ticket Booking / Travel Assistance

The students can get travel assistance and flight tickets from us. Our students travel in groups to the destination countries. Students are informed about the best airfare we can provide them and the dates on which they have to travel in groups. You can book your own flight ticket or you can book it through us. We have a greater chance of getting cheaper flight tickets as we purchase in groups.

Students are provided with information about the rules and regulations they must adhere to while traveling. Furthermore, we inform students about general information such as baggage allowance, customs clearance, and money declarations.

Forex/ Currency Exchange  

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange. To pay university fees, students traveling to foreign destinations for education must carry US Dollars. The exchange rate fluctuates on a daily basis. Lack of knowledge sometimes leads to people buying US Dollars at higher rates because it is difficult to get foreign currency at the best rate. Some foreign exchange companies might cheat you. There is a possibility that they will sell currency at a higher rate.

Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan’s universities accept US dollars, which must be deposited upon arrival. There are some universities that accept direct online bank transfers. However, students must transfer money online before departing for India, and they must carry proof of their transaction with them. For confirmation, the university might ask for the transaction proof.

Scholarships & Loan


Students facing financial challenges can seek scholarships & loan options to pay for their education. There are also some scholarship programs offered by the Government of India for Indian students. In order to qualify for these scholarships, students must meet certain criteria.  The Government of India offers an online portal for students who wish to study medical education abroad. For scholarship schemes to study MBBS abroad, students can visit

Education Loan

MBBS students can obtain an educational loan from the bank to study abroad. The number of loans sanctioned by banks is also rising due to the increased influx of Indian students to foreign MBBS universities.

Besides, the Indian government launched a website,, where students can apply for education loans.

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