Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, is home to the Kazakh National Medical University. Founded in 1930, it has a long history. For the 2023 session, Kazakh National Medical University offers MBBS at a cost of INR 21.36 Lacs (Indian Rupees). By submitting the required documents online, you can apply for admission at Kazakh National Medical University. According to the latest NMC guidelines, Kazakh National Medical University requires 50% marks and NEET qualification for MBBS.

The Kazakh National Medical University offers two academic sessions per year for MBBS (February and September). By submitting documents through us or by applying online, eligible students can apply.

Kazakh National Medical University: An Overview

The SanzharAsfendiyarov Kazakh national medical university is a government-run institution. In 2001, the university was declared a national university. Through the academic exchange program, students will also have the opportunity to study and practice in universities in other countries, such as Russia,  Europe and other CIS countries. Being the oldest university in the country, KazNMU places a lot of emphasis on research activities.

Over 80,000 doctors of different specialties, high-level health care professionals have graduated from Kazakhstan’s national medical university.

Kazakh National Medical University MBBS fees for 2023

Kazakh National Medical University’s MBBS fee for Indian students is INR 21.36  Lacs (Indian Rupees). For Session 2023, KazNMU has the following fee structure:

TUTION FEES 5000$ 5000$ 5000$ 5000$ 5000$
TOTAL 6600$ 5000$ 5000$ 5000$ 5000$
Grand Total 26,700 $
1 USD 80 INR approx
  Total MBBS fees 2136000

Mess is mandatory during the first year at an additional cost of USD 130 per month.

Fees for consultancy services are EXTRA, and include flight tickets, visa fees, which must be paid in India.

MBBS fees can be paid online through bank directly to the university/representative’s account in Kazakhstan and a transaction receipt must be provided for confirmation. Online payment is accepted by some medical universities in Kazakhstan or students can carry the 1st year fees with themselves and pay directly to the university once they arrive. In Kazakhstan, students must carry US dollars in order to pay fees.

MBBS at Kazakh National Medical University: Eligibility

Studying MBBS at Kazakh National Medical University strictly follows the rules set by NMC for Indian students studying abroad. KazNMU has set the following criteria for admission of Indian students:

  • The candidate must pass a recognized board’s higher secondary examination or an equivalent competent test.
  • 50%. A minimum of 50% and above marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) in 12th, intermediate, or equivalent.
  • NEET Score: Candidates must have qualified for NEET in the current year or the previous two years. For instance, they must have qualified for NEET in 2023, 2022, or 2021 to apply.
  • Age: At admission, the candidate must be 17 years old.

 Kazakh National Medical University‘s MBBS Admission

In order to apply for MBBS admission at Kazakh National Medical University, Indian students need to follow the following steps :

  • Candidate has to submit scan copies of 10th, 12th marksheet and NEET qualification (2023,2022,2021).
  • Kazakh National Medical University issues admission letters on the basis of documents submitted.
  • The university will send an invitation letter only after a scan of the applicant’s valid passport is received.
  • The Kazakh National Medical University issues invitation letters for study visas and entry into Kazakhstan for candidates.
  • The candidate must have the original marksheets, passport, and a few additional documents to obtain a visa from the embassy.
  • We assist candidates in booking airline tickets and planning their departure in groups, allowing them to travel together.
  • At Delhi Airport, our representative meets the students and briefs them about their trip to Kazakhstan.
  • A representative from our organization meets and greets the students at Almaty’s airport.

Kazakhstan’s MBBS Program: Why Study Here?

  • MBBS universities in India are quite expensive, but Kazakhstan’s are relatively reasonable and affordable.
  • MBBS study costs are low, as are the costs of living and living expenses.

The Kazakh National Medical University’s Institutional Affiliation and Recognition

Kazakhstan National Medical University has been recognized by NMC and WHO, and is listed on WDOMS:

According to the NMC’s current rules, students should pursue MBBS at medical universities listed on WDOMS for 4.5 years (54 months) with a 1-year internship/clinical rotation (12 months).

  • Indian students who take MBBS at Kazakh National Medical University can appear in FMGE/NEXT in India. They can work in India as a registered medical practitioner (Either in the public or private sectors) after passing this test.

Documents Required

Kazakh National Medical University requires the following documents for MBBS:

  • 10th & 12th  Marksheet
  • NEET Qualification(2023/2022/2021)
  • Original Passport
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Passport Size Photos

A Course’s Duration

 For Indian students, the MBBS program at Kazakh National Medical University lasts 5 years plus 1 year (Internship in Kazakhstan). This program includes internships and rotations in clinics.  This MBBS course duration complies with the latest NMC rules, which require Indian students to complete the course over 4.5 years (54 months) plus one year of internship  (12 months).

Language of instruction

In Kazakh National Medical University, all Indian students receive instruction in English. English is the language of instruction in all classes, tests, and exams for foreign students. The college library also contains all medical books written by Indian authors, as well as ones referred by teachers, doctors, and professors.


 A list of all faculties at Kazakh National Medical University that provide training to local and foreign students can be found below:

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Paediatrics
  • Therapeutic Faculty
  • Faculty of Stomatology
  • Pharmacy Faculty
  • Faculty of Public Health & Management
  • Post-Graduation Faculty’
  • Faculty of Medico-Prophylaxis

Hostel Facilities

Hostels for Indian students are located on campus and in the surrounding areas of Kazakh National Medical University. The following facilities are provided to students at hostels:

The hostels are located on the main campus of the university, just a short walk from classes.

  • As the number of Indian students increases, new hostels are constructed by the university to accommodate them.
  • CCTV surveillance & fire alarm safety systems are installed in all hostels to ensure students’ safety.
  • Students have the option of sharing a room with two, three, or four (seated bedrooms) other students. The rooms are furnished with study tables & chairs, beds, bedsheets, wardrobes, lambs, etc.
  • Indian students (boys/girls) are accommodated on separate floors and hostels.
  • During the first year of their MBBS course at Kazakh National Medical University, Indian students have to stay in university hostels.
  • A mess facility is available in all hostels of the Kazakh National Medical University, where breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be served.
  • For students in their first year, India mess is compulsory and they can choose from a variety of options available.

Career Opportunities

With MBBS from Kazakh National Medical University, Indian students have a wide range of career options in India and throughout the world:

  • Kazakh National students receive MD (Physician) degrees, equivalent to MBBS in India.
  • To work as a doctor, Indian students must pass FMGE/NEXT.
  • The FMGE/NEXT exam is held twice a year in June and December.
  • The exam must be passed with 50% marks in order for students to qualify.
  • Students can reappear in this exam after every six months and there is no limit to the number of attempts.
  • Once qualified, they must serve one year of internship in any government hospital in India.
  • After completing an internship, students receive permanent registration in India as doctors.
  • Doctors can then work in public or private hospitals or run their own clinics.
  • Several hundred Indians from Kazakh National Medical University have passed FMGE/NEXT and are working in India today.

 Other facility includes:

  • Sports complex
  • Play ground
  • Wi-Fi campus
  • Transport service
  • Cafeteria
  • ATMs, Bank
  • Central library
  • Auditorium