MBBS In Russia

MBBS In Russia

MBBS In Russia

The Russian Federation attracts more than 5000 students per year to study MBBS, making it one of the most popular destinations in the world for Indian students. As part of the MBBS admissions process in Russia, students must meet the eligibility requirements set by NMC/MCI and the respective universities. For medical students seeking English-medium education, it is considered an ideal destination.

Indians are currently required to have a 50% PCB score, NEET qualification, and be at least 17 years of age to apply for MBBS in Russia. Students are also required to pass an online entrance test at some universities before they are considered for admission. In accordance with WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines, MBBS degrees from Russia (MD Physician) are internationally recognized.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

Students from India are likely to benefit from studying medicine in Russia in the following ways:

The are no donation required to study in Russia, as they are direct & solely on the basis of eligibility.

The MBBS degree from all medical universities in Russia has been recognized by the WHO, therefore it is recognized worldwide

Russia has some of the world’s top 100 universities and some of the top 50 in Europe.

Russia’s equivalent of India’s MBBS degree is MD Physician

A minimum of 50 percent marks, a NEET qualification, and the age of 17 are the eligibility requirements for Indian students to study MBBS in Russia.

In Russia, students may apply online for MBBS admission

In Russian universities, MBBS courses are affordable and fees are among the lowest in the world

MBBS in Russia is a six-year program and is in compliance with NMC rules (54 month course + 12 month internship).

For Indian students, the entire MBBS program in Russia is taught in English.

Teacher to student ratio in MBBS program is 1:15 in Russian medical colleges

It is estimated that more than 20,000 Indians are studying medicine at various universities in Russia.

Admission in Russia

Students from India can either apply directly for MBBS courses in Russia or they can contact us. We will assist them in the admission process. As a limited number of seats are available for MBBS in Russia at each university, applicants should apply to the university of their choice before the last application deadline. We have listed below step-by-step instructions for Indian students to get into Russia MBBS program.

  • The university issues an admission letter confirming the student’s admission to the MBBS program in Russia .
  • In Russia, universities provide instructions regarding online tests, which are mandatory for admission to the MBBS program.
  • A test is then administered online and students must submit their answers within a specified time frame.
  • After clearing the online test, the candidates will be required to submit their original marks sheets, passports, photographs, and medical records.
  • A letter of invitation is then issued by the university in the name of the student for the purpose of obtaining a study visa and entry into Russia
  • As soon as all the documents have been submitted to the Russian embassy, along with a letter of invitation, we will pick up the passport with the visa.
  • It is our responsibility to inform students of their departure dates and to provide them with a list of items they should bring with them.
  • Students depart from New Delhi for Russia in groups organized by us.
  • At the Russia airport, our representative meets and assists the students.

MBBS Eligibility in Russia

Eligibility criteria for studying MBBS in Russia follow the rules set by NMC for Indian students studying abroad. Russia’s eligibility criteria for admission are listed below :

  • A minimum of 50% and above marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) in 12th, intermediate, or equivalent. If the student belongs to a reserved category (SC, ST, OBC), then the student must achieve a minimum score of 40%.
  • In order to be eligible to study medicine in Russia, Indian students must pass the NEET exam in 2024/2023/2022. After completing the MBBS program in Russia, only NEET-qualified students are eligible to take the NEXT/FMGE in India.
  • Age: At admission, the candidate must be 17 years old.

MBBS from Russia

MBBS degrees from Russia are recognized by the World Health Organization and the National Medical Council, which means that they are accepted in India as well as in other countries across the globe.

  • A list of medical universities of Russia recognized by WHO is published on the website of WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools).
  • NMC no longer provides a list on its website, so it recommends that students only enrol in MBBS programs at universities included on WDOMS in order to follow their academic goals.

Course Duration:

Most Indian students generalize MBBS to take 6 years, however it is actually 5 years in 8 months (including 1 year of internship) in Russia

  • Medium of instruction: Indian students study in English throughout the course.
  • MBBS in Russia is governed by the new rules instituted by the NMC/MCI in November 2021 for Indian students studying medicine abroad.
  • In compliance with the new regulations of NMC, MBBS students from any foreign country must complete a 54-month (4.5-year) course followed by a one-year internship.

Language of Instruction

Students from India who wish to study in English may enrol in MBBS in Russia in the English medium of instruction.

  • In the MBBS program, all sessions are conducted in English, except when students must interact with local Russian patients in the hospital.
  • The entire medical course is conducted in English, including classes, lectures, tests, and exams.
  • At the beginning of the course, foreign students are introduced to Russian language as a subject.
  • As they progress through the MBBS program, they become proficient in Russian.
  • In order to spend a few years in Russia, foreigners must possess a thorough understanding of Russian. It is due to the fact that they are only required to speak Russian outside of the university in order to conduct their daily affairs.

MBBS Syllabus In Russia

In Russia, all medical universities offer the same MBBS course syllabus to Indian students. There is a comprehensive coverage of all the subjects taught in Indian colleges as well. Following is a list of the theoretical and clinical subjects taught each year:

1st & 2nd Year: MBBS students studying in Uzbekistan are taught primarily theoretical subjects during the first two years. During the first two years of the program, students learn about Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry.

3rd Year : Along with theoretical subjects, students will attend clinical classes regularly in the hospital. The third year covers Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Pathological-Anatomy.

In the 4th and 5th years, students usually attend clinical classes at the hospital. There are many subjects covered in these years, including Surgery, Preventive & Social Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, ENT, Gynaecology, Psychiatry, Urology, Oncology, Dermatology, Neurology, and Infectious Diseases.

During the 6th year, students must complete an internship at the university’s hospital.

Course Phases & Grading in Russia

The MBBS course is conducted in Russia in a phased manner in order to ensure students do not become overwhelmed. In the first few years, theoretical knowledge is the focus, but by the third year, the focus shifts to clinical knowledge.

  • Russia’s MBBS classes usually have 15-20 students, which makes for a good student-teacher ratio.
  • Grading is based on numbers ranging from 2-5, where 2 means excellent fail and 5 means excellent. To pass an exam, students must score a minimum of 3.
  • Students must pass a government licensing examination at the end of the course in order to receive their MD(Physician) degree.

Hostel Facilities in Russia

International students at Russia’s medical universities have more or less the same hostel facilities.

  • All Indian students are accommodated in university hostels throughout their course in Russia.
  • Students are required to live in the university’s hostel for at least one year since they lack knowledge to communicate with the locals in Russian language.
  • If they wish to leave the university hostel after 1 year, they can still rent a flat/apartment or stay in the university hostel.
  • Indian boys and girls are accommodated in separate university hostels or in a separate wing within the same hostel.
  • In order to ensure the safety of international students, universities and private hostels are equipped with CCTV cameras and fire alarms.
  • Students prepare their own meals in the common kitchens on each hostel floor.
  • All rooms are furnished with bedding and furniture (Study table, chair, lamp, bed, wardrobe).
  • Depending on availability, Indian students can choose 2/3/4 seater rooms.
  • All hostels in Russia have Indian mess facilities. In the first year, it is mandatory. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the monthly fee of $130.
  • From 2nd year onwards, students can choose food from the Indian mess or prepare their own food in the hostel kitchen.

Career after MBBS from Russia

Indian students who complete their MBBS in Russia have the same career options as students who have completed their MBBS in any private or government college in India.

  • Students have option to appear in NEXT(National Exit Test) /FMGE(Foreign Medical Graduates Exam) in India, if they want to practice as a registered doctor.
  • After completing the MBBS course, Indian students can become registered doctors in Russia and several other countries in the region. Students must be proficient in the Russian language.
  • MBBS graduates can pursue postgraduate programs in Russia. These PG programs are taught only in Russian. Students who have completed MBBS program in Russia can enrol in PG courses.

MBBS in Russia – Is it worth considering?

One of the best choices one can make when planning an overseas medical education is to study MBBS in Russia. MBBS courses in Russia are recognized by the World Health Organization and other international bodies (including the NMC), thus making Russian MBBS degrees accepted worldwide.

Various exchange programs are conducted by other prestigious universities for Indian students studying in Russia. These programs provide students with the opportunity to travel to other neighbouring countries and Europe in order to acquire knowledge about the latest advances in medicine.

Both Russia and India enjoy long-term good relations that have led to a substantial amount of trust. MBBS fees for Indian students are very competitive in Russia, as are the easy requirements for MBBS eligibility.

About Russia

The Russian Federation, or Russia, stretches across Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. A country that spans eleven time zones and shares land borders with fourteen other nations, it is the largest in the world by area. Moscow is the country’s capital and largest city. St. Petersburg is the second-largest city in Russia and is widely regarded as its cultural capital.

Russia’s economy ranks 11th by nominal GDP, greatly dependent on its abundant natural resources. The country’s minerals and energy resources are the largest in the world, and its oil and natural gas production rates are among the highest in the world.

As the world’s largest country, Russia has four distinct seasons – summer from June to August, autumn from September to October, winter from November to March and spring from April to May. The average summer temperature is between +25 and +35°C, while the average winter temperature is between -5 and -30°C.

Russia Universities

In Russia, there are several medical universities offer medical education to foreign students. Russia has only government-run universities, none of which are private. Several universities have begun offering English medium medical courses to foreign students, and some of these universities are popular with Indian students. In addition, these universities are accredited and recognized by WHO, so the medical degrees awarded can be used anywhere in the world.

A wide range of MBBS fees in Russia allows students to select an affordable university (that suits their budget) or a top-ranked institution.

Some of the most popular universities among Indian students in Russia. Foreign students are trained in medical universities by highly experienced (English-speaking) faculty.

Top medical Universities in Russia for Indian Students

Based on academic standards, English speaking faculty, affordable fees, hostel accommodations, ease of travel, and other factors, the following are the best medical universities for Indian students.

  • Izhevsk State Medical Academy
  • Omsk State Medical Academy
  • Crimea Federal University
  • Kazan State Medical University

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